Where can I download camp information sheets?  2014 Information Sheets below:

How soon will I receive confirmation of my session?
Once online registration is complete, campers receive an e-mail confirmation immediately! You receive confirmation e-mails and statements to the e-mail address used during the registration process, as well as any future news or updates regarding camp sessions, so we ask that you use an e-mail that is checked frequently.

Do I have to pay in full at registration or do you offer payment plans
You only have to pay the nonrefundable $30 deposit at registration to hold your camper’s spot in a camp session. After that you may log in to your account at any time to make payments in any amount. The balance must be paid by June 1st or you may forfeit your camper’s spot. Email balance reminders are sent.

Do you keep a wait list?
Yes. Once a session sells out, the system will allow you to create an account and add your information to an online wait list. The nonrefundable wait list fee of $5 per camper, per session, is applied to your tuition total should you get into camp.

How does the wait list work?
The wait list is ordered chronologically. As soon as we receive notice of cancellation from a registered camper, we contact the first person on the wait list for that session. We move down the list until the vacancy is filled. Cancellations are difficult to predict; however, if your schedule is flexible, we recommend the wait list!

What should I do if I find out I cannot attend my camp session?
Please notify the camp immediately via email if you are unable to attend so that we may allow someone else to attend camp. The $30 deposit is nonrefundable and cannot be credited toward future camps.

What is the refund procedure?
The $30 deposit is non-refundable for any reason at any time.
There are no refunds or credits of any portion of the camp fee after the first day of camp for reasons other than documented medical conditions. There are no refunds for a “no show” or if a camper leaves early due to homesickness. Fees paid by credit card are issued a credit back to the original card used for payment within 5-7 business days.

If I cannot attend camp, may I try to fill my spot with a friend or teammate?
No. The space cannot be switched out with another person. We maintain chronological wait lists for those trying to attend.

What if I fly from out of town to camp?
Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is the airport to use if flying to camp. The camp does not provide transportation to campus. A few options for transportation to campus:

1. Super Shuttle (reservations and pre-payment for your Austin airport ride take the time and hassle out of getting to and from the airport). http://www.supershuttle.com/en/AUSAirportShuttleAustin.html

2. Capital Metro has a route that drops off on campus one block from the dorm. Drop location is at San Jacinto and 23rd. http://www.capmetro.org/riding/schedules.asp?f1=100

What about medications?
Our licensed athletics trainer can help with dispensing prescription and OTC medications IF we have the Consent to Dispense form on file. To dispense prescription medications, the medication must be given to the camp athletics trainer at check-in in a 
zip-loc bag with medication, dosage directions, dosage amounts and times, and parent contact information. The trainer will arrange times to help administer to the camper. If the camper is age appropriate, and responsible enough to self-administer, they may keep their medications with submission of the proper form. http://www.longhornbasketballcamp.com/medical-forms/

Does my camper need a physical?
All campers are required to have written physician clearance proclaiming them fit for camp participation. The Pre-Activity Clearance Form may be found in the medical forms packet at http://www.longhornbasketballcamp.com/medical-forms/. If your physician has documented the health information on another form (school physical), a copy of this form will suffice if dated within 14 months of the first day of camp.

May I bring the forms to camp?
No, we must have all medical forms on file prior to registration. Forms may be mailed to Longhorns Boys Basketball Camp, PO Box 7399, Austin, TX 78713. Please do not fax or email the forms as they contain sensitive information.

What if a camper has a pre-existing injury?
Camp is a physically demanding and challenging week and campers should be in good physical condition prior to arrival. Please notify the Director prior to check-in if the injury has happened after the medical forms have been submitted. It is very important that we know any and all medical conditions a camper may have, or special situations that parents feel we should know about.

Can parents go up to camp floors, stay in the dorm, or have meals in the cafeteria with their camper?
For security reasons, check-in and check-out days are the only days parents are allowed on camp floors. Parents are not allowed to visit the dorm or take meals with their campers during the week. This is a CAMP. Please allow your child to have a true camp experience.

Can parents watch camp sessions?
Yes. Parents are welcome to observe any camp session, but please understand that seating is limited at the Denton Cooley Pavilion.  No sessions, instruction or scrimmages may be videotaped for personal use or for redistribution purposes.  Still photos are permissible.

What if I get a parking ticket on campus?
Longhorns Basketball camp is not responsible for parking citations issued by the University or City of Austin and, per University policy, cannot “fix” or pay them. We strongly recommend paying to park in one of the campus garages as parking on campus is primarily by permit only. Please observe all posted parking signs. See http://www.utexas.edu/parking/maps/visitor/index.html for parking options and guidelines.

What about roommate requests for overnight camp?
The camp welcomes roommate requests (two campers per room). Both campers must request one another. If your camper is attending as part of an odd-numbered group, we will do our best to put the third camper in a room close to the other two rooming together. Campers are situated in the dorm on floors according to grade. If your camper requests an older roommate, the older boy is placed on the younger floor. Campers without a roommate request are placed with someone of the same age or grade.

What if a camper gets homesick while at overnight camp?
It is completely normal for someone to feel this way especially if it’s their first time away at camp. Counselors can help in this situation, and we encourage the campers, and parents, to make it thru to the end of the week. It is highly recommended that your child have experience being away from home prior to attending camp. There are no refunds for those campers who leave camp early due to homesickness.

What if my camper needs to leave camp for a short period of time for another obligation?
Please complete a Camper Absence Permission Form available at registration which will identify the day and time your camper needs to be absent. Our resident assistant will work you to collect and return your camper.

Do we need linens for overnight camp?
No. Linens are provided (blanket, sheet, pillow). You may want to bring an extra blanket. You will also need to send toiletries and towels/washcloths with your camper.

May my camper bring snacks?
Yes. For overnight camp, the dorms are equipped with a mini-fridge and microwave. You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks to camp, day or overnight sessions. A labeled water bottle is recommended as Gatorade is available at the gyms.

Anything campers cannot bring?
It is strongly recommended that campers do not bring anything of value such as laptops, gaming systems, excessive amounts of cash. Contraband items that have no place at camp and will get your camper sent home immediately: matches, lighters, knives, firearms, alcoholic beverages, razor blades, tobacco products, illegal drugs, candles, fireworks, incense, etc.

May my camper bring a cell phone?
Cell phones are permitted at camp; however caution is advised to label personal belongings and take care of valuable items. Cell phones are ONLY to be kept and used in the camper’s room, and not allowed in the main lobby of the dorm, cafeteria, or in the gym. No video taping of sessions, instruction or scrimmages for personal use or for redistribution purposes.  Still photos are permissible.  Staff cannot safe-keep or be responsible for a camper’s personal items.

What if I lose my room key during overnight camp?
There is a $75 fee for a lost key. This a a fee charged by UT Housing, not the camp. This fee can be paid to the dorm, or if the camper does not have the money, billed to the parents. If a key is lost, it should be reported right away as making a new key does take time. There are no refunds for lost keys (even if they are found upon arrival at home – the new one has already been made).

How much spending money should I send with my camper?
For overnight camp, most campers bring between about $25. Late night pizza may be pre-ordered and pre-paid online under your camp account. All meals are included in the tuition.  There are various vendors in Jester Dormitory (near the dining hall). For day campers, no money is necessary as lunch is provided and there is no vending/concessions available. Campers are responsible for securing and handling their own cash. The camp is not responsible for the loss or theft of money, nor do we police the spending habits of campers.

How do I get in touch with my camper?
For overnight camp, you may call the dormitory front desk at 512-471-3944. Identify yourself as a basketball camp parent. The front desk staff will get your message to our resident assistant and we will deliver the message to your camper. For day camp, please call the basketball office during business hours at 512-471-5816.

May I request that my son play on the same team as a friend or roommate?
No. Our camp director feels strongly that the way for your camper to become a better basketball player is to rely on his own strengths. Campers are placed on a team according to age and skill. Team balancing takes place after the first day of camp.

Where may I find an itinerary?
Itineraries will be posted online at www.longhornbasketballcamp.com prior to camp start dates.

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